Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's about time for...GALILEE!!

Galilee was incredible and we covered so much ground in our 11 day trip. I am going to place just a few pictures of several of the places we visted to provide a slight glimpse of the sites we had the opportunity to see.

Beth Shean

Beth Shean

Nazareth Village.
This village was a great site because it brought things of ancient Nazareth to life including clothing, working, structures, and more. I really enjoyed seeing how things might have been during Christ's time.

Church of Annuciation (Nazareth)

Mt. Arbel - From this mountain, you can get an AMAZING view of the
 Sea of Galilee and the surrounding cities

Narazareth Village (somehow this picture got out of order).
 This is a replica of the tomb that Christ was laid in.

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